The "dirty vibe" (or, "Why run dirty girls?")



Course photos courtesy of Rene Garneau

Racers set their tents along the start/finish line in an open field (~150m/490' wide). Runners love the option of having their tent in close proximity to the course. Refuel here at the aid station & get right back out (porta-potties here too).

dirty Intro ~0 - .7 km
If you don't care for bottlenecking, make sure you sprint from the start to the trailhead. Forested single track with ~83m/270' of climbing. Short, steep pitches. You may be able to hear the road traffic on your left.

Happy Girl's Access ~.7 km - 1.2 km
Unforested (yet overshadowed by tall trees), wide, double track with ~40m/131' of climbing. The climb itself is long, gradual and dumps runners atop the escarpment. Be prepared for a steep rise right before you reach its flat top. Folks say this short, steep climb is more cumbersome than the major unforested climb right before the 6k mark.

Hippy Runner's Chillout ~1.2km - 1.9 km
A very magical section! Forested, undulating, single track with beautiful smooth turns. Find your groove in this section and just go with it!

Chatty Girl Escape No.1 ~1.9km - 2.5 km
Forested, single track, zig-zagging downhill with ~45m/148' total descent. In the daylight you can spot the runners in front of you and peg them off one by one.

Single Again ~2.5km - 3 km
New Section as of 2013. Basically, it's more single track. It starts with a wee climb, all single track that ends in a section we clear out every year with borrowed machetes.

dirty boy/Muscle Boy Duel ~3km - 3.2km
A turn left into the forest from the double track leads to a not-too-long, steep, single track climb. Continue to follow the path, eventually crossing the double track path again and into another single track section (i.e. Earth Girl's High).

Earth Girl's High ~3.2km - 3.9 km
A deceivingly tough section with short, steep pitches and many twists and turns. Be sure to watch out for the hunter's platform on the right about midway through the forest. Runners have been known to crawl up the platform & rest some years.

dirty girls' Alley ~3.9km - 4.5km
Wide, unforested (yet overshadowed by tall trees) double track. Watch your markings as you enter this section as there are a number of feeder double track trails. You'll follow the near-edge of the escarpment, winding your way to the right and eventually hitting the 4k aid station. Continue on the double track route that goes off to your left. Fairly flat.

Lover's Leap ~4.5km - 4.9km
Pop into the bush again, following the single track trail on your left a few hundred metres down from the aid station. This section is also fairly flat. This section was added in 2012 and shows evidence of the logging that took place in many parts of the forest. Pay attention to tree stumps at night. If you can muster up the energy to travel to the edge (of the escarpment, not life, it's only a race dear friend), check out the absolutely amazing views from here.

Chatty Girl Escape No. 2 ~4.9km - 5.5km
Follow the markers, making almost a wide U-turn on the open area atop the escarpment. You'll start to descend on the gravel road before shooting back into the wide, packed trails on your left to complete your quick descent down the escarpment. Be careful on this section as there are some rolling hills and runners have been known to pick up a fair bit of speed. Total descent is ~52m/171'.

dirty runners' pain ~5.5km - 6.2km
When you come out of the trails & hit the gravel road again you'll see the markers make you do another U-turn, heading back up the escarpment. Like many "uncovered" or unforested sections, there's a fair bit of shade from overhanging trees. Depending on the season, this road can be very rudded. Race crew also use this road to travel to/from the 4k aid station. It's a long, gradual uphill climb that is runnable. Total ascent is ~44m/144'. A short, steep pitch marks the final ascent onto the escarpment.

dirty boy's confusion ~6.2km - 7.4km
Once atop the escarpment, you'll head left and take your first single track trail on your left. This forested section is a mix of quick little pitches and lots of twists and turns. It can get confusing with all the zigzagging as you'll see other runners going in different directions. Eventually the single track will lead you down the escarpment. You can really "rip it up" in this technical section. Be weary of sharp turns, trees in the middle of the path & nasty roots sticking out of the ground. You'll know you're just about done when you hit a crappy camber that can be very slippery in nasty conditions (i.e. the usual downpour that dirty girls is known for). A short, quick descent & you're onto the floor of the escarpment. God I love this rotten little section!

beer gut boys' a singin' 7.4km - 8.03km
The path leads you on a fairly wide C-turn back up a hill (yes, after all that single track hill work). It's mostly tree-covered double track back to the start. Once atop the hill, you've done your last climb of the loop. Let your legs loose & just sail down the wide open dirt hill. You can really pick up some speed here - maybe a bit too much in fact! Veer left at the bottom of the hill, follow the markers right where the path v's, follow a slight rise & voila - you'll have the start/finish in sight. It's quite rejeuvenating to re-enter the start/finish with all the tents, toilets, people, aid station & basically, civilization in front of you. Grab your stuff, don't stop for long & head right back out for more dirty awesomeness!


Top Male, Top Female in each event

Age Category Awards:

1st in O.U.S. categories: Under 30, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60+...(add in 70+ if Hans runs or Ron or a newbie hits this age category)

dirty girl Awards

For all hourly events we measure three different marshaled distances in the last 15 minutes of your race (i.e. 2k, 4k or 6k mark). This means that we have to manually audit and add in these finishes AFTER the event has finished. Based on experience, it does not pay to rush this result. We ask for your patience in producing final results & handing out awards after the finish of your race. Relax, eat, clean up...

To qualify for an age category award in one of the dirty girls awards ceremonies, you must run:

32 k - all 32k
6 hr - 32 km (i.e. 4 laps)
12hr - 48 km (i.e. 6 laps)
24hr - 80 km (i.e. 10 laps)

Marshaled distances (i.e. 2 km, 4 km & 6 km points) only count in the last 15 minutes of the race:

6 Hour - 1:45-2 p.m. on Saturday
12 Hour Day - 7:45-8 p.m. on Saturday
12 Hour Night & 24 Hour - 7:45-8 a.m. on Sunday

OUS Points
32k - You must finish all 4 laps/32k to obtain OUS points
6,12 & 24 Hour Races - You must finish at least 1 lap for OUS points


24 Hour AWARD
Runners that do 120km will receive the "Dirty Girl" belt buckle.
If you do not complete the 120km, you will receive the dirty girl medal and you'll have to try again another year.

Why 120km?
120km in 24hrs = 160km or 100 miles in 30 hours = GREAT TRAINING for a 100 miler!

Schedule (Top)

Grounds open
Friday AFTER 3 p.m.

Race kit pickup
Friday 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Saturday 6:30 a.m. to 15 minutes before the start of each race
12 Hour NIGHT race - Same as above + 6 p.m. to 15 minutes before start of race

Start Times
8:00 a.m. - 6, 12hr DAY and 24 Hour races
8:30 a.m. - 32k
8:00 p.m. - 12hr NIGHT race

Pacing (Top)
24 hour racers - Pacers allowed after 8 p.m. on Saturday.

The 12 hour race IS NOT ALLOWED PACERS.

For 24 hour runners, please have your pacer sign a waiver upon arrival. Pacers can lead or follower their runner. Pacers may not provide physical support to their runner (i.e. no leaning, no pulling, no teathering). Pacers may not carry gear for their runner. Pacer is allowed to provide service to their runner at aid stations (5k and start/finish). No other devices are allowed to aid the runner EXCEPT poles, which all racers may use.

Please note that any runner that is reported to receive additional aid during sanctioned race hours will be disqualified. Including the 32k, the nature of an ultra race is to complete an arduous physical pursuit under one's own power. Additionally, it is unfair to other runners who finish without aid, except as allowed and outlined in the rules above.

Aid Stations (Top)

Swag (Top)

Note: After Wednesday July 6th any registrants will have their tech top/hoodies mailed to them post-race

Past technical gear:

New in 2016***

Option to BUY SUPER dirty or WONDER dirty Hoodies:
(This option is available when you register. Already registered & want to pay via PAYPAL? Click appropriate Paypal button below)


$35 + hst + $10 flat rate shpping

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Registration Fees (Top)

Fees include H.S.T. - ya, even ultra dudes are taxed. HST #84292 2668 RT0001

  By April 30th
May 1st - registration close date
32k $60 $70
6 hour $70 $80
12 hour $95 $100
24 hour $155 $165

Drop Bags (Top)

This service is available for all 12 and 24 hour runners.

CLEARLY mark your ONE drop bag with your first and last name and leave it at the portable at the start/finish by 7:15 a.m. on race morning/7:15 p.m. on Saturday for 12 hour runners. Return of drop bags for runners that drop early will occur in coordination with water refill runs throughout the day/evening.

Directions / Accomodations (Top)

Mansfield Outdoor Centre -

B&B in the Mansfield area -

We are ~45 minutes south-west of Barrie and~45 minutes north-east of Orangeville

Driving - GOOGLE MAP


Tents are setup along the start/finish. Please let us know if you have a campervan/RV as special provisions must be made.

Qualifying (Top)

dirty girls run is a tough, single & double track 5 mile/8 k looped course with aid stations 4k apart. Temperatures can range from 28 celcius & 94% humidity during the day to 13 celcius at night. Add these conditions to a very rooty, hilly course and dirty girls becomes deceivingly tough. In 2011, only 37% of entrants in the 24 hour made 120 kms (the buckle benchmark). We DO NOT ask for minimum qualifying standards, however we HIGHLY RECOMMEND the following as guidelines:

Race Recommended Qualifier - Other Races Recommended Qualifier - dirty girls Race
24 hour

12 hour (50k)


12 hour
12 hour 6 hour (32k)
6 hour
6 hour Trail marathon 32k
32k Trail half marathon n/a

Please familiarize yourself and your Crew with the Question & Answer section with Dr. Lisa Bliss on the Western States page for information on common ultra-related running issues:

Another excellent guide to help detect electrolyte/hydration issues:

Past Results (Top)

Note 1: The course was modified in 2010 and 2012
Note 2: dirty girls' races are part of two point series: The OUS and The Trophy Series. Official
results are posted below and shared with ONLY these two series.

2015 (west-east direction)

32k Results

6HR Results

12HR DAY Results

12HR NIGHT Results

24HR Results

2014 (west-east direction)

48 Hours Excel Version

24 Hours Excel Version

12 Hours Excel Version

2013 (west-east direction)

48 Hours - pdf Excel

24 Hours - pdf Excel

12 Hours - pdf Excel


2012 (west-east direction)
48 hour - Jeff Ashizawa 233 km, Kimberley Van Delst 161 km - Results
24 hour - Lisa Van Wolde163 km, Glen Redpath 187 km - Results
12 hour - Dawn Hamel 86 km, Derrick Spafford 98 km - Results
6 hour - Kat Clewley 56 km, Ed Housel 64 km - Results
32k - Tanya Porcellato 2:46, Mike Tickner 2:20 - Results

2011 (west-east direction)
24 hour - Lisa Van Wolde140km, Todd Mickolwin 150km - Results
12 hour - Melanie Boultbee 75km, Corey Smith 85km - Results
6 hour - Christine Torres 47.5km, Marc Pelosse 57.5km - Results
30k - Tanya Porcellato 2:54, Mike Tickner 2:23 - Results

2010 *New Course & east-west direction
24 hour - Jen Smith 132km, Ryan O'Dell 170km - Results
12 hour - Laurie McGrath 97.8km, Charles Johnson 92.5km - Results
6 hour - Charlotte Vasarhelyi 45.1km, Peter Taylor 57.8km - Results
30k - Jade Penwright-Holmes 3:01, Mike Tickner 2:23 - Results

24 hour - Sue Lucas 170km, Robert Gryfe 167.5km - Results
12 hour - Iris Cooper 100km, Glen Redpath 120km - Results
6 hour - Lisa Leskien 62.5km, Adam Hill 72.5km - Results
30k - Joan Matthews 2:33, Mike Tickner 2:06 - Results

6 hr Team - 65 km
Leslie Evans, Peter Taylor

24 hr Team - 172.5 km
Scott Garrett, Tim Camick

2008 - Results
24 hour - Theresa McGrath 180km, Jim Orr 195km
12 hour - Lisa Leskien 110km, Geoff Linton 110km
6 hour - Charlotte Vasarhelyi 57.5km, Paul Chenery 60km

6 hr Team - 72.5 km
Chantal Warriner, Krista Bolyea, Tiia Dolson

12 hr Team - 80 km
Paul Bowen-smith, Nanette Bowen-smith

24 hr Team - 217.5 km
Laury HIckling, Trevor Hickling, Kim Pagliaro,
Hilda Barton, Wayne Barton

2007 - Results
24 hour - Laurie McGrath 177.5km, Jim Orr 175km
12 hour - Iris Cooper 92.5km, Geoff Linton 102.5km
6 hour - Tammy Whitehead 43km, Rick Mcdowel 58km

6 hr Team - 62.5km
Leisha Ostrowski, Christoper Gittens, Richard Pady,
Dirk Huyer, Heather Pady

12 hr Team - 127.5 km
Barb Campbell, Rich Ehrlich, Paul Hingorani, Tim Grant

2015 Photos - By 48hr Clay Williams

2012 Photos - By Rene Garneau

2011 Photos - By Rene Garneau

2010 Photos

(1) By Tony Power
(2) By Andrea Moritz

2013 Photos


2009 Photos - by Tony Power

12/24 hr Awards
Start of the 32k
6 hr finish/awards
32k start & all on course
In the middle of the forest
More mid-forest

2008 Photos
Jane Samarelli's Photos Liz M's Photos
Mark Coate's Photos Barber's Photos
Tony Power's Photos  
2007 Photos
Kinga & Stephan Miklos' Photos
Tony Power's Photos
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